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Watch clips from Saturday's event.  When the CSPAN video is available we will post it.




CBRAC and the CT chapter of the Frederick Douglass Foundation are co-hosting two events on Saturday October 11, 2014.  

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When Republicans attempt outreach to inner cities or to urban communities, they can have all the "best intentions" wonderful ideas and well-thought out plans, but if the message goes unheard, all that's left is the old cliché of, “If a tree falls in the forest and there's nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound?” So if the tree is falling, Connecticut Republicans must ask themselves what they are going to do to make sure there are ears there to hear it?

Assuming the intention is there to get people to hear the message, the logical questions to ask are, “What must Connecticut Republicans do to change the perception by the minority community that their concerns are more than just empty, empathetic talk?" Secondly, "Will Connecticut Republicans back those words with actions that will benefit these communities?”

C-BRAC is an independent political action committee whose mission is to raise awareness about issues that affect urban communities, perform outreach to educate those communities about the platforms and benefits of conservatism. We believe that once we've achieved that, the newly politically re-educated constituents will ultimately benefit the entire community and choose to support the Republican Party.  In order to attain the level of success we’re seeking, our efforts must be consistently strong at all times and our efforts must increase substantially during election cycles.   Visit the About page to learn more.

We believe that urban communities in CT, especial black communities, can reduce the level of poverty among its residents with the introduction of conservative values, leading to a strong and balanced two-party government system. We believe this focus will create the sort of relationships within the black community that will ultimately give rise to more active Republican leadership at the local and state level.  Please consider Joining or Donating to our efforts.

Republicans in general simply have not learned how to identify leaders within the urban community. No candidate, regardless of their financial resources or background, is perceivable as in touch with the changing demographics of the urban community unless they are willing to acknowledge and engage the people who live in those communities. Visit our Services page to learn more about what C-BRAC has to offer.

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